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It all began with one simple yarn wreath...

I saw a tutorial on a blog that I was following and decided to give it a try. Well, it was time consuming, but rather simple to make. I took a picture and posted it to my Instagram and Facebook. Within seconds I started receiving likes and comments, people asking where I bought it. Once I told them that I made it, they asked me to make them one. I looked at my husband and laughed. A couple of days later, I opened up shop. I began looking for different wreath styles that I liked and with the tutorials, I started making some beautiful wreaths. 

I moved on to other home decor mostly by friends asking me to make them this or that. I fell in love with a string art request I had and have been busy stringing away ever since. I fall in love with each thing I make. I still get a little sad seeing each wreath leave my home for yours, but I know that you will love them just as much as I do!

Every day gives me the opportunity to imagine and create something that can speak to you, something that represents you, something that adds a little beauty to your home. That's my goal! I hope I can achieve it!